I'm here to help you change your relationship with food so you can feel confident, healthy and energized.



I know what it's like, I've been there

My journey to holistic nutrition came at a time when I least expected it, but my oh my did I need it!  I spent years struggling with health issues, always dieting and spent countless hours at the gym but nothing ever worked. In spite of all the dieting and working out regularly, I still struggled with skin issues, digestive problems and this feeling of bloat that never seemed to go away. No matter what I did, I just couldn't feel better and didn't feel good about myself.  I would turn to food for comfort, and as expected, that comfort wasn't there. In fact, I'd end up feeling guilty because of the weight I would gain and so I would turn to starvation to lose that weight (which didn't come off) and it just became this ugly vicious cycle.  Add to that I was always tired and found myself barely having any energy as the days went by. I had days where getting out of bed was a struggle.  With my weight constantly fluctuating, I was just never happy with myself.  Oh man was it a struggle! My self confidence was at its lowest and I turned to yo yo dieting and spent hours at the gym. And to make matters worse, I never got the results I wanted.  No matter how calorie obsessed I became or how often I worked out, nothing seemed to work. That is until I changed my relationship with food and started my own wellness journey.

I learned food can truly be the most powerful medicine, and once I realized that and changed my relationship with food, there was no turning back for me. By making simple changes in my eating habits and lifestyle, I was able to transform myself and regain my confidence and actually started feeling better (You can too!). I was more energetic, my skin problems slowly started clearing up and I managed to get rid the bloat, lose those extra pounds, resolve my digestive issues and I no longer spend hours at the gym (YAY!). And I wasn't hungry!

Health and wellness are my absolute passion

Since embarking on this journey and committing to this lifestyle, I now view food as nourishment for my body and make conscious decisions every day that allow me to have more energy, feel great and look my best. Now, it's my turn to HELP YOU! 

I want you to feel amazing and look great! Yes, it is possible and you do deserve this too! I work tirelessly to empower, educate and support others in their journey to their best health. 

I'm here to support you and guide you through this journey. Let's take control of your health together!

My Qualifications:

  • Holistic Nutrition Certification with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (Class of 2016)

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